I am so excited for winter. As much as summer weather is great I much prefer sweaters and tights than shorts and vests. I didn't intentionally pick such dark colours but these were just a few things I have been yearning to buy so badly recently. The whole American Horror Story: Coven vibe is completely accidental. The Poppy Lux pinafore is something I discovered through EtailPR. I love the silhouette this gives and it would be great in winter with a sweater underneath and some boots.

 I discovered the brand MSFairy when Dan contacted me about their brand and I checked out their website. Their site is so cool, it has a wide variety of clothes suiting all styles and occasions. I particularly loved this embroidered leather skirt, it would be great paired with the boots I've included and the MSFairy shirt. I, for some reason, don't own a plain white shirt and this crop top one would work well all year round and would look great with the pinafore too.

The Hybrid dress is also something I discovered through EtailPR and I fell in love. I normally wouldn't like bodycon/fitted clothing, but the pattern and colours of this dress are sublime. It would be great for any formal winter events. The New Look hat is something I have wanted for a while too. I would rather a bigger hat instead of a fedora, but it is still really cool. Finally the ASOS boots I saw on Bell's Fashion and after dying for a pair of over the knee black boots, I thought these were the perfect ones. I'm quite short so flat footed ones might make me look stumpy and I couldn't deal with wearing heels to college, so platform boots are the perfect compromise.

What do you think of my wishlist? What's on your winter wishlist?

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